Takara Zei
Nd padawan
Vital statistics
Title Jedi Padawan
Gender Female
Race Twi'lek
Faction Jedi Order
Health Full
Level -
Status Alive
Location The Jedi Temple

Early LifeEdit

Takara was brought to the Jedi Temple at an early age of two. The person who brought her to the temple was anonymous and was never found.


Takara is dedicated and eager to learn. She loves to practice until every move is perfect. She is calm under pressure and usually sassy, but calm. She does not anger easily.

Her biggest strength is that she is able to sense an opponents weakness. Her biggest weakness is that she relies on her former training moves to get her through a fight. She is unable to fight an opponent if she has never seen the style.

Unique thingsEdit

Takara is an fire elementalist. She is able to manipulate fire throught the force. This is a major strength and she practices often.

Need To Know
Takara's lightsaber
Takara's Lightsaber


Sofia Zobat

Lightsaber Color


Lightsaber Form

Form III: Soresu

Lightsaber Crystal


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