Nataya Irris
The Gungan Jedi
Vital statistics
Title Jedi Peacekeeper
Gender Female
Race Gungan
Faction -
Health Full
Level -
Status Alive
Location The Jedi Temple
Need to Know


Kara Alence

Lightsaber Color


Lightsaber Form

Form: IV


Nataya was born and raised on Naboo. It was tradition, that a Gungan youngling stay with their family until the age of 5. This way, the youngling would learn about the Gungan culture and grow, but still be at the age where they can learn the Jedi culture.

At the age of 5, Nataya was brought to the Jedi Temple. She was a padawan under Jedi Master Aquwoot Zawn.


Nataya is a caring selfless person. Clumsy and elegant, her lightsaber form (4) matches this personality trait. A hard worker and a quick thinker.

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