Human clone of Jango Fett and Major in the GAR.


Major Venom saw the earliest stages of the war on genosis as a seargent. His battalion spearheaded the the initial assault on the geonosian arena. After Venom and his men cleared the arena their next objective was to combat the enemy forces moving to counter assault the republic rescue team. In the battle most of Venom's commanding officers were killed. thus allowing for his advancement to major. As a Major, Venom was put in charge of phantom battalion of the 154th legion he had previously served in as a seargent. Under the leadership of jedi master Nosh Revine, Venom quickly established his abilities as a leader and a soldier. However Major Venom didn't earn his deadly nickname until a year after the battle of geonosis when he thwarted a seperatist assassination mission that targeted his close friend and leader, Nosh Revine. He earned the name Venom because during hand to hand combat, he managed to inject the assassin with the same toxin intended to kill Nosh.  


Venom could either be your greatest friend or greatest threat. He is kind and loyal to his friend and comrades to a fault. Always wanting to help his brothers wherever he is needed. Whether that means applying bacta to a plasma wound or dropping a grenade down the gun of a tank. Venom wreaks chaos among the enemy lines as he uses his refined sharpshooting skills to eliminate them from afar or his Republic famous hand-to-hand fighting techniques. He is often enlisted as a fail safe security system when there is need to protect an important political figure. Feared through-out the ranks of both sides Venom has been know to do anything it takes to comeout on top. 

Gear/Appearence Edit

-one DC-15a

-one DC-17

-Utility belt that ran from shulder to waist which held: Ammo, and twothermal detonators

-one knucle plate vibro-blade

-armor is decorated with green markings and stripes that represent his rank